Ebeye Perspectives .

Stazy Manueke | Student Missionary | Ebeye | La Sierra Univ.

Complete reliance on God everyday, and you will do great!

— Daniel Tutupoly

I Shall Pass this Way But Once .

I shall pass this way but once
Is there any good thing I can do
Let me do it now
For I’ll never pass this way again

I shall pass this way but once
Is there any kindness I can show
Let me show it now
For I’ll never pass this way again

Tomorrow may be too late my friend
To do all the things that you’ve planned
To reach out to those who need you
And lend them a helping hand

I shall pass this way but once
Is there any love that I can give
Let me give it now
For I’ll never pass this way again.

We should all remember that the impact that we show wherever we’re at in this world will be GREAT! We might only have this one chance to show love to the people that surrounds us. Lets do this because through our love for others, God’s love will shine within us. 


My 6th Grade class. Well.. at least half of them. They make my hair turn gray. -__- (Taken with Instagram)


My 6th Grade class. Well.. at least half of them. They make my hair turn gray. -__- (Taken with Instagram)

If you see the barge rejoice, it means fresh produce is on the way.

— Ebeye Survival Tip #1

Being a Middle School teacher was fun…

but… starting next week they want me to start teaching High School Bible, U.S. History, and Economics (yikes!).

Much prayer is needed… because I have no idea how I’m going to survive these high schoolers… especially teaching Economics… which I have NO EXPERIENCE on whatsoever!

Dengue Fever ain’t got nothing on My God.

It all started on the 7th of October. I woke up that Sunday morning feeling different than any other day since I’ve been on the island. Things felt slow and very much achy. I remember feeling quite weak and to that extent that lifting my arm felt as if I was lifting a car with my pinky, quite impossible. My joints and muscles were unresponsive and dead. My head began pounding and my throat was sore as can be.

Everything felt dysfunctional.

I decided to myself that the best way to get rid of this feeling was for more rest and more fluids. My first attempt to go to the kitchen was torture. Everything felt as if it was all a mere illusion and from then I knew something was wrong. My eyes were bloodshot red and everything that could go wrong… was happening. I told myself I’d get better the next time I opened my eyes after a nap but I couldn’t sleep. My lower back was in so much pain that it didn’t allow me to get any rest.

So I stayed awake. 

Things eventually started getting better. My headache started to depart and my joints slowly but surely gave in life.

Then nightfall hit. The worst was just about to begin.

That night I was hit with a fever blasting up to a little past 100 degrees. My lower back was killing me and on top of that I had a sore throat with a headache accompanying it. It was one of the worst nights here on Ebeye. I tried so hard to sleep but the headache and muscle aches combination didn’t allow me to. I didn’t end up getting some proper shuteye until 5 in the morning. 

I experienced this for the next two nights. It was funny because during the day time things would seem as if they were getting better but once night hit fever would crash in and headaches would pound your head until you get exhausted and finally fall asleep at late hours of the night. 

The principal finally came by and asked me to go and see the doctor since policy here says that after two days of school missed the teacher is required to go see the doctor, so that’s what I did. The doctor said that I was hit with dengue fever and to my satisfaction said that it was slowly leaving my system. I left the hospital with some prescribed medicine which helped me feel better by Friday.

I was very frustrated that week for missing class mainly because that week was the end of the first quarter here which meant that exams were given. Luckily I was given time to be able to catch up with the students work and figure out ways to give proper reviews and exams for the students. 

During the time I was sick I read from a daily devotional every morning I have time to do so. What I got from one of the devotional during the days I was sick is summarized like this..

Sometimes we question God and we ask Him why does He make us suffer. We may at times not understand why a loving Father would allow us to suffer. The awesome power and wisdom of our Almighty God is undefinable. We may not know why our God does the things he does but everything is done with a purpose. For example, look at Job. He was a righteous man that did not deserve to suffer. Job cried out to the Lord asking why He was allowing Job to suffer. With the answers Job received back caused Job to be humbled knowing that his wisdom did not begin to compare with God’s. Sometimes we flutter around and question God into why darkness falls upon us. Stand firm for we must have confidence that the power and wisdom of our Almighty God is directing our path no matter how dark things may seem. 



That doesn’t look good… storm coming! The view from the tallest building on the island doee! ☁⚡☔🗾 #ebeyeSDAschool #lateupload (Taken with Instagram)

On the third floor of Ebeye SDA School. (:



That doesn’t look good… storm coming! The view from the tallest building on the island doee! ☁⚡☔🗾 #ebeyeSDAschool #lateupload (Taken with Instagram)

On the third floor of Ebeye SDA School. (:

Getting There .

Flying to the islands wasn’t a problem. Getting to Ebeye was a bit complicated.

So after flying to Majuro from Honolulu, I stayed on the plane for the connecting flight to Kwajalein. Kwaj was known as a US Military Base and they were pretty strict on who can and cannot stay on their island. I was supposed to be on Kwaj because it was the only island that had direct ferry ride to Ebeye. 

It was Saturday morning, September 22. Everyone got off through the side of the plane and we actually walked down onto the runway (my first time ever doing that). Once I got off the plane we were brought into this briefing room which had an even mixture of US Personals and local people. After that I went through an immigration process and was sent off to baggage claim to pick up my checked baggage. That was when I first felt the humidity that flowed on the islands. I began to regret the jeans, flanel, and sneakers I was wearing due to the fact I was sweating everywhere. 

Once I got into baggage claim was when I encountered my first set of problems. My baggage was no where to be seen. I double-checked, even triple-checked to see if I might of walked past it by accident but it was still no where to be found. I ended up talking to the baggage claim people about it after seeing a couple complain about their lost baggage as well. I filed a baggage claim report and they said that they would contact me once they find my baggage. I had no signal so I gave them my email address hoping I’d find some way to get internet wherever I’d be at. I was freaking out a bit because the only luggage I had had minimal amount of clothes and barely and hygiene materials. 

After going through problems at baggage claim I had another set waiting just for me. I had no idea where to go now. Linda told me that there would be someone waiting to pick me up at the airport but yet there was no sign or anyone that looked like they were from the school waiting to pick me up. I began to pace myself, looking at random people to see if they were looking for anyone but everyone seemed to be in place. I walked back towards the briefing room and asked a random guy if they were looking for someone for Ebeye. He mentioned that he actually was and told me that I was to go upstairs and to meet for briefing with some sort of commander. I stopped him right there and asked exactly what he was talking about and realized quickly that he thought I was a recruit of some sort. I went back to baggage claim and said that I had no idea where I was to be going but knew that I had to go to the docks to go on the ferry for Ebeye. The people directed me to this guy named Lee. He was the postman in Ebeye and told me that I could walk with him to the docks. I started walking with him and he said that we might miss the ferry since it leaves in about 12 minutes and the dock was about a mile and half away but to our luck a car drove up that was friends with Lee and she was willing to drive us to the docks in her car! It felt good to not walk in the humidity and her car was blasting with AC.


Once we got to the docks we went through a little security checkpoint where I was stopped by a certain individual who asked if I was a missionary going to Ebeye. I said, “yes” and he replied back saying, “Welcome to the Marshall Islands!”. I felt relieved to be greeted by someone I was supposed to know. It was actually the principal of the school that came to pick me up. His name was Mr. Alamo and he explained about the strict rules they had on Kwaj and how people aren’t allowed to leave the docks without proper paperworks and all. It was just a sigh of relief to know that after all those troubles I was put on the right track.

After the 20-30 minute ferry ride from Kwaj to Ebeye me and the principal was greeted by my roommate, John. We rode on the principal’s ATV to the apartments were I’d be staying at for the school year.

I was tired and exhausted but church had just finished and there was a special potluck for me that afternoon. I got to meet most of the teachers and faculty and fill my stomach which was grumpy from not eating enough. After potluck I settled in and finally caught some zzz’s.

I have finally reached Ebeye.

LAX (Los Angeles) —> HNL (Honolulu)

LAX (Los Angeles) —> HNL (Honolulu)

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